Sunday, July 19, 2015

Writing in Public - Year 1, Month 8, Days 13-19

Michael Salsbury

My adoption of Dean Wesley Smith's Writing in Public challenge continues.

Monday evening I spent some time putting labels on the last three batches of beer I brewed at home, so I could keep track of them all.  I took notes from my reading of James Scott Bell's Super Structure book and built a review for How To Write Fiction (1,168 words) and responded to a reader comment (160 words) on an existing article there.  Also did a journal entry (399 words).  Total words for the day: 1,727.

On Tuesday evening, I did opening line practice.  I wrote a total of 16 opening lines, 8 of which were paragraphs (525 words).  I also wrote a journal entry (359 words).  I also wrote a couple of scenes for the ASL story The Revenant (758 words).  Total for the day: 1,642 words.

Wednesday evening, I wrote a post for this blog about the McDonald's Minions Caveman toy that people believe says "WTF" instead of laughing (1,151 words).  I also wrote a journal entry (297 words).  That's 1,448 words for the day.

Thursday evening I started with a journal entry (713 words).  Then I wrote a bit more of the rewrite of the ASL story The Revenant (1,311 words).  That's 2,024 words for the day and 6,841 for the week so far.  A third of that was fiction.

Saturday and Sunday were spent visiting family, and no writing took place.  When we got back home, I managed to write a journal entry (404 words) and this post (250 words).

The week's total word count was 7,495.



Short Stories:
  • The Mimas Object (a story in the Alliance universe): 0 words
  • The Revenant (a story in the Alliance universe):  5,649 words
  • Writing Notes Taken: 0 words
Blogging and Journaling:
  • Alliance of Sentient Lifeforms (ASL): 0 words
  • Begin Brewing: 0 words
  • Columbus Beer Scene:  1,233 words
  • How to Write Fiction: 5,505 words
  • Windows Desktop Administration: 0 words
  • This Blog: 2,224 words
  • Journaling:  4.757 words
Opening Lines, Paragraphs, Pages:
  • Opening Lines Written: 43 lines (1,933 words)
  • Opening Paragraphs Written: 22
  • Opening Pages Written: 1

THIS MONTH - TOTAL WORDS: 21,301 (avg. 1,121.1 per day)



Record Word Counts:
  • Day:  8,693 (March 29, 2015)
  • Week:  20,589 (April 6-13, 2015)
  • Month: 56,486 (March 2015)

Month of ChallengeWords WrittenDaysWords/Day
December 201420,75431669.5
January 201516,01831516.7
February 201547,660281702.1
March 201556,486311822.1
April 201545,443301514.8
May 201531,243311007.8
June 201535,779301192.6
July 201521,301191121.1
TOTAL WORDS274,684231
Avg. Words per Day1,189.1

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In his day job, Michael Salsbury helps administer over 1,800 Windows desktop computers for a Central Ohio non-profit. When he's not working, he's writing, blogging, podcasting, home brewing, or playing "warm furniture" to his two Bengal cats.


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