I'm Mike Salsbury, a Windows System Administrator for a not-for-profit organization in Central Ohio.  The team I'm part of has the responsibility for the desktop side of our Windows computing infrastructure.  My expertise and experience includes security patching, software repackaging, software deployment, desktop backup, scripting, desktop virtualization, and PC hardware.  I've written and ghost-written a number of technical articles that have been published in trade journals.

When I'm not at work, I'm often reading, writing, watching television and movies, listening to music, playing computer games, and playing board games.  I also brew my own beer.

Recently, I decided to start taking a more serious stance toward my writing efforts.  I've attended several writing seminars held by bestselling authors, read a number of books on writing, and engaged in a variety of exercises to improve my writing skills.  In 2009, I successfully completed the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge to produce 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days.  I plan to participate again in 2010.

The site you're now visiting is my blog.  On this site, I plan to share what I have learned about writing from various sources, works of fiction (and non-fiction) I've written myself, reviews of tools and books for writers, and technical items for Windows administrators like myself.  I hope you'll find something of interest or value here.

If you want to contact me, put my first name ("Mike") to the left of an at-sign and follow it with the ".com" address of this web site.  Please note that I do not check that email often, so it may be a while before you get a response.


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