Thursday, April 30, 2015

Writing in Public - Year 1, Month 5, Days 27-30

Michael Salsbury
My adoption of Dean Wesley Smith's Writing in Public challenge continues.

On Monday, I wrote a post for this site (817 words) and a journal entry (931 words).

Tuesday evening I didn't get started writing until late.  I managed a journal entry (549 words) and an article about yeast for Begin Brewing (486 words).

Wednesday night I got an unexpected message from an old friend I hadn't seen for over a year asking me to have dinner with him downtown.  Fortunately, I had no plans and was able to do that.  We had a nice evening catching up.  I did absolutely no writing, not even a journal entry.  Since my friend is a science fiction fan, I did get to discuss the ASL universe and Immortality universe with him, so there was a little bit of fiction-writing activity in there - it just didn't translate to word count.

Today is the end of Month 5 of this challenge.  Today I wrote a journal entry covering April 29 and 30 (520 words).  I also did some brainstorming on the ASL Mimas Object story (871 words) which I'm still unhappy with and trying to flesh out.

Below is how all this worked out in terms of word count for the month.



  • Technology Story: 106 words
Short Stories:
  • The Mimas Object (a story in the Alliance universe): 4,890 words
Blogging and Journaling:
  • Alliance for Sentient Lifeforms (ASL): 4,083 words
  • Begin Brewing: 486 words
  • Columbus Beer Scene:  2,448 words
  • How to Write Fiction: 2,547 words
  • Windows Desktop Administration: 7,858 words
  • This Blog: 8,221 words
  • Comments on Other Blogs: 1,038 words
  • Journaling:  12,974 words
Opening Lines, Paragraphs, Pages:
  • Opening Lines Written: 24 lines (792 words)
  • Opening Paragraphs Written: 10
  • Opening Pages Written: 1

APRIL 2015 - TOTAL WORDS: 45,443 (avg. 1,514.8 per day)



Record Word Counts:
  • Day:  8,693 (March 29, 2015)
  • Week:  20,589 (April 6-13, 2015)
  • Month: 56,486 (March 2015)

Month of Challenge
Words Written
December 201420,75431669.5
January 201516,01831516.7
February 201547,660281702.1
March 201556,486311822.1
April 201545,443301514.8
TOTAL WORDS186,361151
Avg. Words per Day1,234.2

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In his day job, Michael Salsbury helps administer over 1,800 Windows desktop computers for a Central Ohio non-profit. When he's not working, he's writing, blogging, podcasting, home brewing, or playing "warm furniture" to his two Bengal cats.


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