Sunday, March 29, 2015

Writing in Public - Year 1, Month 4, Days 23-29

Michael Salsbury
My adoption of Dean Wesley Smith's Writing in Public challenge continues.

Monday evening I couldn't seem to get my head into the writing groove.  I sat at the computer for a while and came up with only a 349-word journal entry, making this one of the lowest word-count days in a while.

Tuesday evening I was on track to repeat Monday, when I got myself starting to write out the part of the ASL Ark Story that's been giving me grief, which is the "escalating conflict" part.  I wound up with a nice amount of material for that story (2,748 words) and a journal entry (474 words).  That made for a daily total of 3,222 words.

Wednesday all I managed was a journal entry (200 words).

Thursday was the same (186 words) and both Friday and Saturday I wrote nothing.

Sunday I wrote a post about the release of Stone Brewing Co.'s recipe for Levitation Amber Ale for Begin Brewing (661 words).  I also wrote a series of four posts for the Windows Desktop Administration Site blog, and one not in the series (6,194 words total).  I also did three small posts for Columbus Beer Scene (433 words).  There was also a journal entry (257 words).  I also wrote a post for the ASL Series blog (1148 words).  That is a grand total for the day of 8,693 words.

This week also took the month's total words beyond that of February.  With two more days left in March, I've managed 53,506 words so far.  Even on a per-day average, I've beaten that record.

Here are my notes from this week:
  • Things I Accomplished This Week That I'm Proud of:
    • Today's writing total.
  • Inspirations:
    • Bruce Lansbury:  I learned while watching an episode of The Fantastic Journey (an old television series I loved as a child) that Lansbury was also behind several other shows I enjoyed over the years, including The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, Wonder Woman, and Knight Rider.  I had no idea.
  • Meaningful Quotes: 
    • "He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher.. or, as his wife would have it, an idiot" - Douglas Adams
    • "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be." - Douglas Adams
    • "Everybody, no matter how old you are, is around 24, 25 in their heart." - Bruce Willis
    • "People will pay more to be entertained than educated." - Johnny Carson
  • What Didn't Happen and What I Can Improve for Next Week:
    • At least 15 opening lines, 2 paragraphs - Not Done
    • At least two posts for the ASL Series Blog - 50% Done
    • A plot outline for The Ark story - Partially Done
    • Continued work to flesh out the Immortality story universe - Not Done
    • Biggest Outcomes I Want for NEXT Week:
      • 20 opening lines, 2 paragraphs, 1 page 
      • Plot outline for The Ark
      • Finish telling The Mimas Object for the ASL Series
      • Continue worldbuilding in the Immortality universe
    Below is how all the above activity turned into word count.

    • ASL Blog: 1,148 words
    • ASL Ark Story:  2,748 words
    • Blog: 661 words
    • Columbus Beer Scene Blog: 433 words
    • Windows Desktop Administration Blog: 6,194 words
    • Journal: 1,466 words
    • This Blog: 243 words
    TOTAL WORDS FOR THIS WEEK: 12,893 words (avg. 1,841 per day)



    • Fully Invested: 0 words (notes and backstory)
    • The Alliance (series): 0 words
    • ASL - The Ark: 6,626 words
    • Alien Love Story: 0 words
    • Driven To Kill: 0 words
    • Local Gods: 0 words
    • The Black Eagles: 0 words
    • The Old Hotel: 0 words
    • Thief of Police: 0 words
    • Immortality Story: 1,118 words
    Short Stories:
    • The Mimas Object (a story in the Alliance universe): 0 words
    • Introduction to Application Repackaging: 0 words
    • Troubleshooting Windows Applications: 0 words
    • Amazon Product Reviews:  0 words
    Blogging and Journaling:
    • Alliance for Sentient Lifeforms (ASL): 2,743 words
    • Begin Brewing: 5,507 words
    • Columbus Beer Scene:  4,771 words
    • How to Write Fiction: 2,736 words
    • Introduction to Application Repackaging: 3,566 words
    • Windows Desktop Administration: 9,174 words
    • This Blog: 2,995 words
    • Guest Posts for Other Blogs: 0 words
    • Comments on Other Blogs: 0 words
    • Journaling:  13,799 words
    Opening Lines, Paragraphs, Pages:
    • Opening Lines Written: 22 lines (714 words)
    • Opening Paragraphs Written: 10
    • Opening Pages Written: 0

    MARCH 2015 - TOTAL WORDS: 53,749 (avg. 1,853 per day)



    Month of ChallengeWords Written
    December 201420,754
    January 201516,018
    February 201547,660
    March 2015 (to date)53,749

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