Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writing in Public - Year 1, Month 4, Days 30-31

Michael Salsbury
My adoption of Dean Wesley Smith's Writing in Public challenge continues.

To try to keep some consistency with past months, I'm posting today for the last two days of March.

On Monday, March 31, I wrote a "family tree" post for this site about P.G. Wodehouse (1350 words).  I also wrote a journal entry (558 words).  That's a total of 1,908 words for yesterday, which isn't bad for a Monday.

Today, I had to work late.  Didn't leave the office until after 6pm.  We went to dinner after that, and by the time I was home and settled in, it was after 8pm.  I played a video game for about an hour, then had to login at work and complete a software deployment.  That took me until about 11pm.  Needless to say, no writing got done before that.  However, I did manage a journal entry (614 words) and this post.

Although there wasn't a lot written the last couple of days, the bottom like is that I've actually managed to set a new record for this challenge.  Not counting this post, I've written 56,271 words in March 2013 - not counting emails, documents, etc., for work, or emails for home.  That's more than enough words to win NaNoWriMo.  It will be interesting to see if I can top this in April, which has one fewer day.

Here are my notes from this week:
  • Meaningful Quotes: 
    • "I have only really ever had one idea, which was to look at things that are boring and try to make them interesting. If you pay close attention to detail, boring subjects can be made interesting. You pick the nuggets out of the rubble." - John Lloyd
  • What Didn't Happen and What I Can Improve for Next Week:
    • I never got the opening lines done.  I know why.  I do most of my writing and gaming at my desk in the den.  I've kind of made it a habit to write my opening lines in the living room in my recliner.  Between work and trying to get other word counts up, I haven't sat in the chair much and haven't written an opening line.  Maybe we'll be able to change that as the week moves on.
    • I also didn't get to finish the Mimas Object story.  Part of that is simple exhaustion.  Work has been taking a lot out of me lately.  But I need to push through that and get the words written.  I know that.
  • Biggest Outcomes I Wanted for This 2-day Period:
    • 20 opening lines, 2 paragraphs, 1 page  - Not Done 
    • Finish telling The Mimas Object for the ASL Series - Not Done
  • Biggest Outcomes I Want for the Next 5 Days:
    • Plot outline for The Ark
    • Continue worldbuilding in the Immortality universe
    • 20 opening lines, 2 paragraphs, 1 page
    • Finish the Mimas Object story


    • Journal: 1172 words
    • This Blog: 1565 words
    TOTAL WORDS FOR THIS PERIOD: 2,737 words (avg. 1,368.5 per day)



    • Fully Invested: 0 words (notes and backstory)
    • The Alliance (series): 0 words
    • ASL - The Ark: 6,626 words
    • Alien Love Story: 0 words
    • Driven To Kill: 0 words
    • Local Gods: 0 words
    • The Black Eagles: 0 words
    • The Old Hotel: 0 words
    • Thief of Police: 0 words
    • Immortality Story: 1,118 words
    Short Stories:
    • The Mimas Object (a story in the Alliance universe): 0 words
    • Introduction to Application Repackaging: 0 words
    • Troubleshooting Windows Applications: 0 words
    • Amazon Product Reviews:  0 words
    Blogging and Journaling:
    • Alliance for Sentient Lifeforms (ASL): 2,743 words
    • Begin Brewing: 5,507 words
    • Columbus Beer Scene:  4,771 words
    • How to Write Fiction: 2,736 words
    • Introduction to Application Repackaging: 3,566 words
    • Windows Desktop Administration: 9,174 words
    • This Blog: 4,560 words
    • Guest Posts for Other Blogs: 0 words
    • Comments on Other Blogs: 0 words
    • Journaling:  14,971 words
    Opening Lines, Paragraphs, Pages:
    • Opening Lines Written: 22 lines (714 words)
    • Opening Paragraphs Written: 10
    • Opening Pages Written: 0

    MARCH 2015 - TOTAL WORDS: 56,486 (avg. 1,822.1 per day)



    Month of ChallengeWords Written
    December 201420,754
    January 201516,018
    February 201547,660
    March 2015 (to date)56,486

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