Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner!

Michael Salsbury
nano_10_winner_240x120-7At about 3:30am today, I submitted the current contents of the draft of my novel "Downfall" to the National Novel Writing Month web site for word counting.  It responded with "Congratulations! You're a winner" and offered me the link to claim my goodies.

The "goodies" that winners of the challenge receive include a  congratulatory video featuring the staff of the Office of Letters and Light (which runs the contest), downloadable "winner" badges like the one pictured here, and a PDF certificate you can download, customize with your name and your novel's name, then print and (if you like) frame.

I ordered my "winner shirt" from them.  This is a standard T-shirt which features a variation on the image shown above.  (Costs $20.00 with profits funding next year's event.)

On December 2, winners receive a promotional code from's "CreateSpace" service and the developers of the "Scrivener" software.  The CreateSpace code allows you to print a paperback copy of your book for free, one that looks like any paperback you might find on the shelves at a local bookstore.  The Scrivener code provides a 50% discount on their novel writing software (which I used to great effect this year on Windows and have previously purchased for the Macintosh).

My novel isn't finished yet, but I'm planning to complete it now and edit it some time in the next few weeks.  Then I'll have CreateSpace print a copy I can put on the shelf.

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